Optimist pessimist opportunist joke. The Victorian Age in Literature, by G.K. Chesterton, free ebook.

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Optimist pessimist opportunist joke

I have not studied their labours in detail, but it seems that the chief mistake of Moses was that he neglected to write the Pentateuch. Also, there are no two tongue prints that are alike. It was the principle of his philosophy to maintain I know not why that a man was more likely to perceive the truth when in low spirits than when in high spirits. To this day you may see in the front page of that fine periodical the bald head and the high shirt collar that betray the high original from which "Ally Sloper" is derived. They range from the proposition that the unexpurgated Bible is almost as unfit for an American girls' school as is an unexpurgated Shakespeare; they descend to the proposition that kissing the Book is almost as hygienically dangerous as kissing the babies of the poor. If he is seen against any landscape, he is only a man of that land. Dickens, realising rightly that the whole tone of the book was fun, felt that he ought to keep out of it any great experiments in sadness and keep within limits those that he put in.

Optimist pessimist opportunist joke

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FUNNY Putin Joke: The Pessimist, the Optimist and the Bedbug

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