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Chem jokes corny

This was apparently good enough for the rest of the country; within five years, American companies were annually producing 14 million pounds of the stuff. Clover, however, pulls nitrogen out of the air and fixes it in the soil. When he finally went to the doctor for his rashes and deteriorating eyesight, he learned that he had developed multiple chemical sensitivity. For your information, dihydrogen monoxide DHMO is colorless, odorless, tasteless, and kills thousands of people every year. It is organized in an interesting way, and is intended to support users having a wide range of backgrounds and capabilities, including home-schoolers and adult learners. The questions are taken from a very large database to which new items can be added and are assigned through protocols based on either specific topics, or distributed over a variety of topics as would be appropriate for a practice examination.

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CHEMISTRY JOKES (quantagriff)

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Chem jokes corny

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