Funny jackson coppin. Fanny Jackson Coppin, née Fanny Marion Jackson, (born , Washington, D.C., U.S.—died Jan. 21, , Philadelphia, Pa.), American educator and missionary whose innovations as head principal of the Institute for Colored Youth in Philadelphia included a practice-teaching system and an elaborate industrial-training.

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Funny jackson coppin

I earnestly hoped that no one should be ashamed of the word servant, but should learn what great opportunity for doing good there is for those who serve others. In she became only the second African American woman in the nation to earn her A. Hall; all honor to him. There is, in my opinion, no incompatibility between higher learning and work. Every succeeding lesson is carefully planned by a preceding demonstration or piece of instruction, and when a pupil is absent on one of these days it is very difficult to make up for it. There are certain kinds of punishments that should never be resorted to, such as shutting a child up in the school house while you go to your dinner, or shutting him up in a dark closet and keeping him there longer than a half hour, or boxing his ears or hitting him over the head or calling him names. She instituted exhibitions both on and off the school grounds to showcase the work of the students.

Funny jackson coppin

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