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Funny ganja names

There were fifty people but it seemed like five hundred. Messed up my boring birthday plans, smoked cannabis all day. Camalus is Acorus camalus or Sweet Flag, a marsh plant of little value but, in Ezekiel Although pharmacists have never been able to isolate completely the nature of the Cannabis "principal" that produces the narcotic effect, it is known to exist in the fringes or hairs on the leaves and in the flowers, and in the thick resin that flows through the stalk and other parts of the plant. There is still a problem in documenting harm of getting alcohol to be recognised alongside the illegal substances. A plumber was asked to repair an oil-fired central heating system while the owner of the house was out.

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Katt Williams "Weed is Not A Drug" Parody Cartoon Skit

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Funny ganja names

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