Cesar romero joker pictures. Cesar Julio Romero, Jr. (New York, 15 febbraio – Santa Monica, 1º gennaio ) è stato un attore statunitense di origine cubana. Attore cinematografico.

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Cesar romero joker pictures

Anyway, our take on the Clown Prince of Crime is beside the point. With a new appeal to a younger fan base, Romero turned up in three highly popular Disney comedies: Prologue[ edit ] As a cartoon character dressed in prison stripes and holding a peace-logo flower which turns into a tiny parasol and then a helicopter blade executes a few dance steps to the music of Nilsson's Skidoo theme, the words "Otto Preminger" appear below him. We have a feeling Jared Leto's Joker will be giving us grinning, giggling nightmares for years to come. As the hippies mount a rescue, Tony and Fred build a makeshift balloon from discarded freezer bags and garbage cans, dump the whole supply of stationery into the prison's lunch, and fly out of the prison as everyone below begins to freak out. His maternal grandparents were exiled Cubans Carmen and her invalid husband, Manuel Mantilla.

Cesar romero joker pictures

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The Joker

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