Fun casual decks mtg. Look, we play Magic in general and EDH in particular because we want to play our spells. We want to set up our battlefield. We want fuck with our opponents’ board.

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Awww, who doesn't love a one-sided Stasis lock? Leaving aside play styles and personalities of the individual players, which obviously have a huge role, I think the big difference is interactivity. Land is the most basic kind of mana a player can have in a game of Magic, and having that resource stripped away makes the game disheartening to play for the majority of us. Now, I, personally, find the chaos of Dovescape by itself kind of hilarious, but once you throw Guile out there…. The fact that this combo is somewhat more disruptible than many others makes it a tiny bit more bearable, especially if there are any white players in the playgroup—there are an awful lot of cheap white exile spells. PigCultureFTW this fat pig callign someone a swine.. Razia had the ability to create angels who were pretty much clones of herself.

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MTG – Mono Blue Illusions Tribal Casual Deck Tech for Magic: The Gathering!

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