Why should white guys have all the fun reginald lewis. When six-year-old Reginald Lewis overheard his grandparents talking about discrimination against African Americans, he asked, "Why should white guys have all the fun?" This self-assured child would grow up to become the CEO of Beatrice International and one of the most successful entrepreneurs ever. At the time of his.

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Why should white guys have all the fun reginald lewis

His journey from middle-class Baltimore resident to international citizen makes for fascinating reading. Brad Hooper Lewis' "in-your-face" title emphasizes the fact that in the high-stakes games of leveraged buyouts and dealmaking that were played in the s, none of the participants were African American until he came along. As far as the subject, Mr. It is for this reason that his biography should be among the books that supplement the theory in college textbooks. Not only was he an extremely successful businessman, but he was also a caring philanthropist. Lewis's words appear in italics; Walker's, in Roman typeface, provide additional information.

Why should white guys have all the fun reginald lewis

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