Alexandre dumas fun facts. Alexandre Dumas, the French author of many plays, popular romances, and historical novels, wrote The Three Musketeers and The Count of Monte Cristo. but his handwriting was noticeably beautiful, and he studied to work as a notary (a public officer who witnesses the signing of important documents and makes them.

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Alexandre dumas fun facts

Dumas worked with many collaborators who helped him with the outlines of his romances. His earliest play was Henry III and His Courts which was produced when he was twenty seven years of age in and met with much acclaim. Alexandre Dumas Fact 3: Authors Facts about Alexandre Dumas elaborate the ideas about the famous French writer. Born in France in , Dumas grew up in the shadow of the Napoleonic Wars. By he had written alone or in collaboration more than 20 plays, among the most outstanding of which are Richard Darlington , La Tour de Nesle , Mademoiselle de Belle-Isle , and La Reine Margot Later life Dumas, who had never changed his political opinions, was pleased by the Revolution of and even ran as a candidate for the Assembly.

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The Count of Monte Cristo - Thug Notes Summary and Analysis

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Alexandre dumas fun facts

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