Funeral home in astoria ny. My sincere condolences to the Masotti family on the loss of Thomas "Uncle Tommy" Masotti. I know you through your niece Annie. She spoke so lovingly of you that I.

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Funeral home in astoria ny

We also have a Mobile Video Tribute System that can be transported to church for a video presentation during the viewing or wake. It is mostly a quiet middle class neighborhood of one- and two-family private homes. Whether it's burial, cremation or sending a loved one to a final resting place in another state, we are here to serve you. The room, food and service exceeded our expectations. The spring of brought the opening of a post office of its own and country store "run by Messrs. Hallett's Cove, incorporated on April 12, [4] and previously founded by fur merchant Stephen A.

Funeral home in astoria ny

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Sympathy Flowers - Astoria Queens NY

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