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Fun rian

He draws on a range of technology tools and materials that are universally designed to provide his diverse students with multiple means of representation, expression, and engagement. One is for the upcoming movie Nine Lives, out this Friday: The recent report issued by the U. Introduction According to Professor Bridget Dalton — a national expert on reading development from the University of Colorado — a reader is fluent when he or she can read with accuracy, speed, and understanding. Evaluate progress with the students. PowerPoint slide shows to model and guide practice with preloaded guides and work logs An interactive whiteboard to display digital resources and student work A PowerPoint presentation on student devices to allow students to create fluency logs Microphones and headsets to allow students to record their reading, play back the recordings, and self-assess their progress His lesson plan below is divided into what he will do before, during, and after reading. Tools with audio and video recording capabilities and digital texts with embedded supports can support students with learning disabilities and struggling students.

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Fun rian

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